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Hobashira Miso

Restocked! Unlike a regular miso which is ready to ship in 10 days, this miso is patiently fermented for 7 months.  Unlike a regular miso which add alcohol to ease down fermentation process, this additive-free handmade miso is the live miso.  Experience the difference.  For miso soup, general cooking.  Also suitable as a dip for vegetable sticks, or to enjoy with Sake.

Net Weight: 900g

Area of Origin: Miyako, Fukuoka

大人気につき再入荷! 地元産の材料にこだわり、昔ながらの製法で丁寧に作られた、7か月発酵無添加味噌。お味噌汁やお料理に。またそのまま野菜スティックのディップやお酒のあてとしても。

内容量: 900g