Chocolate Cocktail: Kiss

A bar at home!  Osato`s aged sweet sake to blend with chocolate paste made from Cacao-Ken`s farm-grown rare and fruity Vietnamese cacao powder, honey from Tsuji Bee Farm, cinnamon powder and vanilla essence.  Perfect and unique dessert cocktail.  Recommended to drink as straight or on the rock, or mix with milk/soda.  Great to pour over vanilla ice-cream.  

* Due to high-purity cacao used, there are white floating substances (cacao`s natural oil), but there is no harm on the human body. 

* Shake well before drink.


Brewer: Osato Shuzo  Area of Origin: Kama, Fukuoka





内容量: 720ml

蔵元: 大里酒造  産地: 福岡県嘉麻

  • Spec
  • Recommended Serving Temperature: おすすめの飲み方



Alcohol % 13%
Ingredients Sweet aged sake, cacao powder, cinnamon powder, vanilla essense
アルコール度 13%
原材料名 甘口熟成酒, カカオパウダー, 蜂蜜, シナモンパウダー, バニラエッセンス

Recommended Serving Temperature: おすすめの飲み方

Recommended Serving Temperature: おすすめの飲み方

On the Rocks Chilled Room Temp Body Temp Warm Hot
    6℃-20℃ 35℃ 40℃ 50℃