How to make Bean to Bar Chocolate

“Bean to Bar” is the process to make chocolate from raw cacao bean from the scratch. This is how our chocolate is made: -


Collect pulps from cacao pots.


Fermentation begins once the beans are separated from pulps to expose the air. Wrap the beans with banana leaves for further fermentation and sun-dried. Colour of the beans change to dark brown.

3.Cleaning & Sorting Remove dust from the beans and sort the good beans only.
4.Roasting Roast the beans to remove any remaining liquid contents, kill any bacteria, develops flavours. Also, roasting helps to separate the outer husk.
5.Cracking & Winnowing

Crack the beans and place them into a Winnower to sort cacao nibs from outer husk.

6.Grinding As Approx. 55% of nibs is made of cacao butter, it’s not necessary to add any fluid but grind finely to a paste.
7.Conching Use a machine called “Conching Machine” to knead a paste whole day. This process also helps to remove excess odour or fluid and produces a chocolate-like silky smooth texture.
8.Tempering Tempering process makes glossy beautiful chocolate.
9.Molding Pour a chocolate in a mold, chill to set. And it`s done!