Hello from Amakusa! Rare Shochu is now available in Singapore.

Posted On Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021

Amakusa Shuzo, the one and only distillery on Amakusa Islands.  Located and surrounded by beautiful Ariake Sea, Yatsushiro Sea, and East China Sea.  It is the treasure islands of fresh produces and is famous for its quality.  

Shochu naturally does not have bitterness or sharp sourness so goes well with any kinds of foods and it is also good to drink itself as a night cap.

Amakusa Shuzo offers varieties of selection, Rice, Barley, and Sweet Potato.   Enjoy as neat, with water, with ice cubes, or with soda...  Indulge yourself into Shochu World with Amakusa Shuzo!   Find out more here.