Shincha, newly picked tea has arrived!

Posted On Monday, 14 Jun 2021

The tea comes from the first harvest is called “Shincha.”   Leaves & branches of tea trees store nutrients during the winter.  

Due to the low temperature, it grows slowly and that boost theanine, the sweet and umami ingredient, more than 3 times

as much as regular tea.  Shincha is made from the most tender tea leaves that processed the best way to bring their fresh green aroma.

This year, we have two different types of product for you!  One is “Namacha,” the other is “Harukomachi.”

Namacha” offers ultimate freshness and aroma due to lightly roasted process.   “Harukomachi” delivers fresh yet luxurious umami sweetness.

Highly recommend extracting with water, less than 50 degrees.